Bonus #1: Access To The Exclusive Transformation Mastery Facebook Group

Join the highly-engaged Transformation Mastery Tribe and experience the support of a community that is TRULY DEDICATED to self-actualization. I’m personally on there every day reading people’s success stories and answering their questions. Join this EXCLUSIVE community and add rocket fuel to your transformation!

Bonus #2: A One Year GLOBAL PASS To Transformation Mastery Live

You will be able to attend Transformation Mastery Live as many times as you want, for a FULL YEAR. This means you can take it again… And again… And AGAIN!

When you Experience TRANSFORMATION MASTERY LIVE, You Can Expect These Results:

  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - With the specifically-designed interactive exercises inside Transformation Mastery Live, you will uncover all of the ugly thoughts, memories and emotions that have been poisoning you your entire life.

  • HEAL CHILDHOOD WOUNDS - Everything you are afraid of is going to be unleashed, and you will come face-to-face with long-lost traumas and heal wounds you didn’t even realize you had.

  • ELIMINATE ALL SELF-DOUBT AND SELF-SABOTAGE - Start nurturing your inner confidence and expel all forms of anxiety and nervousness. Friends, family and new acquaintances will marvel at your unshakeable confidence and certainty.

  • PUSH YOURSELF TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN LIFE - After you unlock your subconscious, you will realize the power of your FULL POTENTIAL. You will SMASH through the mental and emotional roadblocks that have kept you stuck in the same place for years.

  • UNCOVER YOUR TRUE PURPOSE - Stop escaping and achieving to compensate for all the things you hate about yourself. Re-own EVERYTHING, feel good about yourself NOW and start aligning your goals with your authentic desires.

  • INSTALL TRUE HAPPINESS AS YOUR BASELINE - Install a permanent state of Happiness that comes from accepting yourself fully. This is the kind of Happiness that is independent of your environment and life situation. It will never fade.

  • ESTABLISH A LIFE-LONG SUPPORT SYSTEM - During Transformation Mastery Live, you will be paired up with 3 other people to create your accountability group, which will become your support system for LIFE.

  • KNOW WHAT TO DO MOVING FORWARD - After you walk out of the seminar room, you will have a deeply-instilled sense of newfound power. You will be walking away with REAL TOOLS that you can use for many years moving forward on your journey to health, wealth, love, and Happiness.

This is a true story….

I remember being shacked up in a dark apartment. Scared to open my laptop…

The ego that I had been feeding for years with validation, sex and fame was no longer able to comfort me. My mind had been hijacked by frantic looping thoughts of doubt, paranoia and raw fear. It felt like I was having nightmares while I was awake.

This was during my experience being “The Most Hated Man In The World” back in 2014.

Death threats, protests, government bans and all out HATRED was coming at me from every corner of the World...

I was astounded that my mental state had gone from absolute confidence and certainty to complete doubt and despair. How could it have fallen so hard so fast?

So I went into deep introspection.

I questioned EVERYTHING… My teachings, my career, my existence.

I thought about what impact I wanted to have on the World…

I sought out advisors, read books, meditated, explored new ideas about childhood trauma, social conditioning and the workings of the subconscious mind… And I slowly uncovered some deep-rooted issues within myself that I didn’t even know were there!

And this is when EVERYTHING changed…

I came out of this process a completely new person… Experiencing what I was after all along:


So I asked myself:

“Could I synergize my vast knowledge of social dynamics coaching with this DEEP WORK, which includes meditative exercises and a guided subconscious release, in order to catalyze this same kind of transformation in my clients in a single day?”

And the answer was YES.

And from this, the Transformation Mastery Live experience was born… And the results have been OUT OF THIS WORLD!

City after city, client after client, the shockwave that is Transformation Mastery LIVE grows and grows.

Transformation Mastery Live is a FULL-DAY live event where I lead you through an INTENSE life-changing experience, including:


At Transformation Mastery Live, you get to experience THE POWER OF THE GROUP through eye-opening group exercises that will give you honest and unbiased feedback about yourself and your life.


These are vital for calming your mind during the experience and you will be able to use them after program to bring yourself back to that same untroubled state.


I will take you by the hand and guide you deep into your subconscious - confronting and finally letting go of your darkest fears, pain points, and doubts. This is where we release the self-sabotage that is holding you back and abolish the self-doubt that is PARALYZING YOU.


I’m going to take you out of the seminar room and into the REAL WORLD, where you’re going to be doing different exercises and “social anxiety challenges”! This isn’t an event where you just sit back and take in the information, this is an intense LIFE-CHANGING experiential process.

Transformation Mastery Live consists of two main parts:



In this part we shine a light on all of the DREADED thoughts and emotions you’ve been ignoring and burying deep inside your subconscious mind.

These are the powerful forces that SABOTAGE YOUR SUCCESS.

Letting Go Of The Negative Programming Through A
Guided Subconscious Release

This is the release that we build up to all throughout the event where I teach you how to finally let go of all the deep rooted childhood trauma and negativity that is holding you back!

This is the most POWERFUL process during this event.

And this is where the power and support of the group plays a major role.

Fueled by the collective energy, it will be much easier for you to smash through your inner Resistance and go deeper than you ever thought possible.


Look: You aren’t going to “think your way through” this.

Why? Because your “thinking” IS THE PROBLEM!

Your mind is going to do everything it can to steer you away from confronting your problems.

This is what makes Transformation Mastery so POWERFUL… I know exactly how to guide you to the dark, scariest places your mind won’t let you go… In order to produce that change we’re all after!

I have to warn you though, when you actually confront the things you hate about yourself… Shit gets intense. Crying, screaming and trembling are all common expressions during this event… But in a good way.

So, no more thinking, no more theory, no more content, enough talk, enough chit chat, it’s time to DO THE WORK.

Pick your city and I will see you at Transformation Mastery Live!


This experience is FOR YOU if...

  • You feel Like You are NOT ENOUGH and WANT TO CHANGE
  • You are SICK and TIRED of Not Feeling Fulfilled Despite Having External Success
  • You are looking to FIND YOUR PURPOSE in Life
  • You are seeking TRUE HAPPINESS
  • You want to Live a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE
  • You want to UNDERSTAND the Key to REAL ABUNDANCE
  • The list goes on…

If this resonates with you, welcome aboard to a journey that
not many individuals know about.

Transformation Mastery Live comes with Bonuses
specifically-designed to push the program over-the-top, and
provide a support system that will last you for your entire life.

Bonus #1: Access To The Exclusive Transformation Mastery Facebook Group

Join the highly-engaged Transformation Mastery Tribe and experience the support of a community that is TRULY DEDICATED to self-actualization. I’m personally on there every day reading people’s success stories and answering their questions. Join this EXCLUSIVE community and add rocket fuel to your transformation!

Facebook Group

Bonus #2: A One Year GLOBAL PASS To Transformation Mastery Live

You will be able to attend Transformation Mastery Live as many times as you want, for a FULL YEAR. This means you can take it again… And again… And AGAIN!

If you are just getting started on your self-development journey…

You have a newbie mindset and you are open and eager to start the process.

Transformation Mastery Live is going to build a solid foundation for you to grow from. You will learn exactly what is running you and influencing every decision you make. Once you have that in-depth understanding, you will be able to set and accomplish goals with crystal clarity and certainty.

If you are already a couple years into your self-development journey…

You have tried a few things, made some progress, stagnated, regressed, made some more progress, and ultimately found that PERMANENT CHANGE is HARD!

Transformation Mastery Live is going to realize that elusive permanent change for you. It will clear away all the bullshit and HARDWIRE you with your new operating system.

In this journey it is easy to get distracted and start going down dead end paths that lead nowhere. Transformation Mastery Live will refocus you on what is important and you will blow past those distractions.

If you are at the advanced stages of self-development journey…

You have seen some results. You have a strong sense of identity, values and purpose… But you sense there is MORE.

Transformation Mastery Live will uncover your deepest goals and your true purpose. Maybe you have reached your current level with sheer willpower. Maybe you have achieved a lot, but haven’t reached that 10/10 baseline of Happiness.

After going through this process, you will own that 10/10 baseline and you will start being PULLED toward your goals (as opposed to GRINDING it out every day to make them a reality).


Julien Blanc,

PS: Sparking a massive change in your life is not easy when you have no direction whatsoever...

The Transformation Mastery Live experience will give you that direction!

I’ve poured my heart and soul into making this a step-by-step life-changing experience for ANYONE at ANY LEVEL.

PPS: Sign up below and I will see you when I am in your city!


Moneyback Guarantee


Transformation Mastery Live has turned complete self-development skeptics into raving fans.

I have experienced it’s power and I KNOW it will deliver for you. Which is why I can offer a rock-solid 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, because I know you won’t need to use it.

Here’s the deal,

Each weekend I pour every ounce of my energy into this program and the results of my students speak for themselves.

Join the Tribe for this day-long immersive experience and your life is going to turn around.


If somehow you don’t see the momentum of your upward spiral start to accelerate, all you have to do email or call us at +1 888-546-7286 within 30 days of the event, and you will get a prompt refund - no questions asked.

With this guarantee, there is ZERO DOWNSIDE.

P.S. The only exception to the above is for those attending the Advanced version of Transformation Mastery Live. Because the Advanced course is limited to only 10 students, that class is strictly non-refundable.

When is the last time you invested in YOURSELF? When you really laid some money down to make a change?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and just “get-by” - Never improving, staying stagnant, and doing to same things over and over WISHING your life would change.

We buy concert tickets, clothes, cars, new phones, but we never INVEST in the one thing that can pay the LARGEST DIVIDENDS… OURSELVES.

If you don’t invest in yourself, how do you expect to GROW? To make more money? To get a better job? To get a better life?

Growth doesn’t just happen by accident.

Transformation Mastery Live is your chance to spark that growth and start on a NEW and PROVEN path that will end in RESULTS.

You WILL see every area of your life start to TAKE OFF.